Our Cows


Indian Creek Creamery is an extension of our family dairy farm, Oakson South Dairy, which is located in the beautiful Logan County, Ohio. With woods and rolling hills nestled in its back yard, Oakson South is home to 80 Holstein and Jersey cows and has been family-owned and operated since 1991. Dairy farming has been our lifelong passion and our cows are like members of the family—with names and personalities that bring a smile to our faces every day.



From day one, the comfort of our animals is of utmost importance to us; we raise our calves on the farm, providing them with the attention and care needed to grow up to be productive members of the herd someday. Each calf is provided a roomy hutch, that offers weather protection. The hutches are bedded with soft straw to keep the calves clean and comfy! They are fed twice a day with milk from our cows and grain until they are old enough to be weaned and moved in with our older heifers. 



Our cows always have the option of grazing and lying in the rolling pasture outside the barn. When the cows don’t want to be outside or if inclement weather strikes, we house our ladies in a free-stall barn that allows them to have access to clean, comfortable beds (stalls) for resting. The roomy stalls are bedded with sand and are cleaned every day to provide them a comfortable resting area. A spacious bunk in the middle of the barn offers the cows free-choice, fresh feed. In addition to this, our barn is equipped with fans to keep our cows cool during the summer months, and curtains to keep them dry and warm in the winter!